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This is the 904 anorexics. [entries|friends|calendar]
!Jacksonville, FL_______ Anorexics.

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casting for ELIMIDATE!!! [ Wednesday;
09/28/05 @ 10:50am]

We are casting for 6 episodes of elimiDATE in Jacksonville. We are looking for sexy, competitive, singles between the ages 21-40. We are also looking for couples between the ages of 21-40 who would like to test their relationships by dating singles on our show.

All interested should send a picture along with two contact phone numbers to steph_kula@yahoo.com

[ Sunday;
04/10/05 @ 5:08am]

[ mood | hungry ]

new chic in town =p

Name: Joya aka Ana-Angel
Age: 15yrs 11mnths
Height: 5'3
hw: 119lbs
lw: 103lbs
cw: 116lbs
wg: 89lbs
Do you have a website? Yes its for pro-anas/mias
If you do wats the site?

thats me, ny gud tips on low-kcal booze? lol love ana-angel

01 - skinny

904. [ Friday;
12/24/04 @ 3:31pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Welcome to 904 Anorexics.
Please comment below to join.

012 - skinny

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